SOP Operation of Water Bath

SOP Operation of Water Bath

1.0                   what

This document details the procedure for the Operation of Water Bath.

2.0                   why

It is the policy of ABC Pharmaceuticals that the written procedure will be followed for the Operation of water bath and its use monitored in order to ensure that the operation is carried uniformly by any of the analyst so as to avoid any deviation from the procedure.

3.0                   when

This procedure is to be applied at the time of Operation of water bath.

4.0                   RESPONSIBILITY

Persons along with their responsibilities are given below:

S. No

To prepare the SOP and follow the SOP.
Section In Charge
To ensure implementation of SOP.
Quality Assurance in Charge
To ensure implementation of SOP.

5.0                   PROCEDURE

5.1                         OPERATION

5.1.1                Keep the instrument in the area where Exhaust Fan is provided.

5.1.2                Ensure that instrument is clean and Dust free.

5.1.3                Check the water Level in pan provided for the same.

5.1.4                Set the required temperature with the help of Knob.

5.1.5                Switch "ON" the Instrument.

5.1.6                Keep the sample in conical flask on the fume hole at upper surface.

5.1.7                After completion of test, remove the sample and switch "OFF" the instrument

5.2                      CLEANING
5.2.1                  Clean the outer Surface with Clean Cloth.
5.2.2                  Change the water in the bath frequently.

5.3                      Precaution:

5.3.1                  Always use Exhaust Fan when instrument is under working.
5.3.2                  Do not run the instrument in case of low water level.
5.3.3                  While keeping the sample on fume hole, make sure that sample containing flask  
            is in steady state.                                                                

6.0                   ABBREVIATION

                        ABC                 ABC Pharmaceuticals

                        QA                     Quality Assurance

                        SOP                    Standard Operating Procedure.

7.0                    REFERENCE

7.1                   Manual of Water bath.
8.0                                                                   APPENDIX I                          ABC/QA/SOP-028/FR-01
                                               LOG BOOK FORMAT FOR WATER BATH

Name of the Instrument                                                      : WATER BATH
Instrument ID                                                                      : 
Location                                                                               : Micro Lab/ Room No-

S. No.

Report No
Analysed By
Checked By

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