SOP on Cleaning of Automatic Labeling Machine

SOP on Cleaning of Automatic Labeling Machine



Objective : To describe cleaning procedure for automatic labeling machine.


Scope : To ensure that the equipment is clean and free from any starting materials of previous batch or product residues.


Responsibility : 1.It  is the responsibility of operating staff to clean the equipment.

2. Production Chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.


Materials & Equipment :

1.      Cleaning agent: Isopropyl alcohol (70%v/v)

2.      Mops / lint free cloth




(1)   Remove any visible material with the help of compressed air.

(2)   Clean the external surfaces of the machine and conveyor belt with the help of wet mop soaked in purified water and squeezed.

(3)   Stereo pad should be cleaned with 70% v/v Isopropyl alcohol.

(4)   Let the machine dry in air, and put a label “Cleaned” or “Ready for use”.




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