SOP on Cleaning of Dehumidifier

SOP on Cleaning of Dehumidifier




Objective : To describe cleaning procedure for Dehumidifier.

Scope : To ensure that the equipment is clean.

Responsibility : 1.It  is the responsibility of maintenance staff to clean the equipment.

2. Production Chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.

Materials & Equipment :

1.      Cleaning agent: Teepol or liquid soap.

2.      Mops / brush / lint free cloth


(1)         Switch Off the mains of de-humidifier.

(2)         Open the cover of dehumidifier from back side.

(3)         Take out the water tray and drain water from it.

(4)         Clean water tray with tap water.

(5)         Clean suction and blower units.

(6)         Clean whole body of dehumidifier from inside and outside with clean cloth soaked in water followed by dry cloth.

(7)         Re-place water collecting tray and close the cover of dehumidifier from backside.



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