SOP on Operation of Liquid Transfer Pump

SOP on Operation of Liquid Transfer Pump

1.0 Purpose: This document describes procedure for operation of Liquid Transfer Pump.

2.0 Scope: This SOP applies to operating staff.

3.0 Responsibility: Quality Control, Production chemist to ensure that procedure is followed.

4.0 Materials and Equipment: 
 Material to be transferred
5.0   Procedure: 
5.01 Check and ensure cleanliness of transfer pump.
5.02 Remove the label cleaned or ready for use.
5.03 Remove the polythene bag cover from the transfer pump and connect the tubes at inlet & outlet openings.
5.04 Insert the power pin in electric socket.
5.05 Open the valve of the vessel from which the material is to be transferred.
5.06 Switch on the transfer pump.
5.07 Place the outlet tube in the vessel where material is to be transferred.
5.08 After complete transfer of the material switch off the transfer pump.
5.09 Disconnect the pipes and collect residual matter in a clean SS vessel.
5.10 Clean the liquid transfer pump as per SOP.

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