Calibration of EC & TDS analyzer

 Calibration of EC & TDS analyzer

1.0   PURPOSE  

        The purpose of the standard operating procedure is to provide guidelines for calibration EC and TDS analyser. 

2.0   SCOPE

        The scope of this standard operating procedure includes calibration of EC and TDS analyser.


3.1    Section In charge

3.2    Technical Manager

3.3    Q.A. Manager



4.1.1 Ensure various containers (Polythene and / or glassware etc.,) are free from alkalinity, especially when they are steam cleaned. 

4.1.2 Conductivity cells selected is appropriate for the conductance range of interest having its platinum chloride black coating in good condition. Soaked in distilled water for a least 2 hours before use. Thoroughly clean.


         A new conductivity cell should be soaked in distilled water for at least 24 hours.

         Thermo-probe and / or thermometers are / is in good working condition or handy.

         Keep the samples to be tested handy in clean proper containers.

4.1.3 Ensure the containers used for the solutions / samples are ABSOLUTELY CLEAN AND DRY.The quantity of solutions / samples are sufficient enough to ensure immersion of sensor part of the cells / probes. 

4.1.4 Ensure 90-260 V AC, 50-60 Hz, single-phase powder is available in 3 contact 5A AC powder outlet. Cartridge fuse of 3A F-250 V AC is in its place in the instrument.


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