Determination of moisture/Water content by Karl Fischer Method

 Determination of moisture/Water content by Karl Fischer Method 

Equipment : Karl Fischer Titrator


Reagents :  1. AR grade Methanol

                    2. Pyridine free Karl Fischer Reagent



KF Factor Determination: Put methanol in the titration beaker enough to immerse the tip of platinum electrode. 

Start stirrer and press start switch 

Neutralize the methanol by titrating with KF-reagent. 

Red indicating bulb glows at the end point.

Add one drop of water from the dropper of a previously weighed vial containing distilled water and reweigh to note the weight of water added. 

Start titration by pressing the green start switch. 

Note the volume of KF reagent required to neutralized the water (V)


KF Factor  =  W    = mg/ml



             W= Weight of water added.

              V= Volume of KF reagent used.

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