SOP on Calibration of Polarimeter

 Calibration of Polarimeter



The purpose of the standard operating procedure is to provide guidelines for calibration of Polarimeter.

2.0 SCOPE 

The scope of this standard operating procedure includes calibration of Polarimeter.


3.1    Section Incharge

3.2    Technical Manager

3.3    Q.A. Manager


4.1  Ensure that the instrument is clean and free from dust particles.

4.2  Ensure that the polarimeter tube is cleaned each time before and after use.

4.3 Switch on the instrument and allow sufficient time to achieve maximum brightness of the sodium lamp.

4.4 Ensure that the settings are done in the zero-zero position.

4.5 Standard Solution Required For Calibration:Prepare reference of known specific rotation using Sucrose AR.


Open the polarimeter tube compartment and place the polarimeter tube, which is filled with the standard solution of sucrose in such a way so as to avoid air bubbles.

The specific rotation observations are done by viewing through the telescope when the half dark and half light portion of the circle are in equilibrium.

The half dark and half-light is matched with a knob rotating it in the clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. It is also defined as dextro (+) or levo (-) rotating respectively.

A blank determination is also performed and corrections if any are applied.

Record the corrected observations.


Specific optical rotation =       (Corrected observed specific rotation at a specified temp)

                                        (Length of the polarimeter tube in dm) x Conc. of Sucrose soln. %w/w)

Correlate the observations with the specified values of the various concentrations of sucrose solutions.

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