SOP on Calibration of Viscometer (oscillatory)

 Calibration of Viscometer (oscillatory)


1.0  PURPOSE  

 The purpose of the standard operating procedure is to provide guidelines for calibration of

 Viscometer (oscillatory).

2.0  SCOPE     

       The scope of this standard operating procedure includes calibration of  Viscometer (oscillatory).


3.1    Section Incharge

3.2    Technical Manager

3.3    Q.A. Manager


4.1   Switch on the instrument.

4.2   Using the standard operating conditions start the operations of the instrument.

4.3   Select the proper spindle number i.e. L1, L2, L3, L4 depending upon the range of viscosity to

         be determined and attach to the viscometer.

4.4    Ensure that the spindles are cleaned before and after use.

4.4   Select the proper speed in RPM depending upon the range of viscosity to be determined.

4.5   Control the temperature of the sample at which the viscosity is to be determined.

4.6   Immerse the spindle in the sample container up to the set point mark. The spindle should

        not touch the container in any way.

4.7   Start the instrument at the selected speed and record the viscosity in cps units.

4.8   Change the speed of the spindle and record the viscosity in cps units.

4.9   The viscosity should not differ with change in the speed of the spindle.

4.10 Correlate the observed values of viscosity with the stated values of the reference standard

         and make adjustments, if necessary.

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