SOP on Calibration of Weight Box

 Calibration of Weight Box


1.0  PURPOSE  

       The purpose of the standard operating procedure is to provide guidelines for calibration of

        Weight Box.


2.0  SCOPE

       The scope of this standard operating procedure includes calibration of Weight Box.



3.1  Application Scientist

3.2  QA Manager

3.3  Director Technical




4.1.1  Check and clean the weights under calibration for the quality and finish of surfaces and

          edges, freedom from foreign /extraneous matter and the closeness of the screw knob. 

4.1.2  Ensure that no weight is magnetic in nature.

4.1.3  Fractional weights should not be punctured and should be identifiable.



4.2.1  Ensure that the analytical balance used for weighing should be levelled at zero levelling

          and is supported on a vibration free rigid table base.

4.2.2  Ensure that a consistent ambient or fixed room temperature is maintained.

4.2.3  There should be no movement of air, like running of ceiling fan etc.

4.2.4  Ensure cleanliness of the analytical balance.


4.3.1    Weigh one by one the standard set of weights and the weights under calibration.

4.3.2 The standard set of weights must have traceability to a national accredited body.

4.3.3   Repeat the weighing of each set of weights at least two or three times to ensure greater

accuracy and reproducibility.

4.3.4    Ensure the precision and accuracy of weighing.


4.4       REPORTING

4.4.1   Assign the actual mass value for each weight under calibration with respect to the weight

of the reference set of weights.

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