Bar Code reader - Operation Procedure

Bar Code reader Operation Procedure 


To provide the procedure for operation Bar Code reader  and Computer Software [Cossicop] for checking of Pharma Bar code on printed packaging material. This instrument operating procedure also provides precautions to be taken and preliminary checks to be performed during operation.


Applicable to LAETUS Cossicop Bar Code Reader of quality control department.


Quality Control Chemists is responsible for the implementation of this Instrument Operating Procedures.


Manager Quality control is accountable for implementation and compliance of this Instrument Operating procedure.



1.1  Ensure that the system is clean and free from dust. If not clean with a soft duster


2.1 Switch “ON” the computer and Cossicop adapter.

2.2 Computer “On” after enter the network password and press Enter key

2.3 Click on Cossicop Icon.

2.4  Then go through Programs -----> Cossicop ----> and click on Cossicop.

2.5 Computer screen shown evaluation statistics after then arrow key put on lock symbol (authorisation) and click. Authorisation shown three options – Operator, Technician and Administrator. Select “Technician” and enter the password and click OK. 

2.6 After that open the file of the item to be checked.

2.7 By clicking on CDrive ---->OK and then Bar Code ----> OK.

2.8 Click on the required file name and the file names of various items are as per Annexure I. 

2.9 Display see confirmation Yes or No. Click on Yes and seen the screen production data with above confirmation.     

Accept ----> Discard ----> Product Data ----> Next  

2.10 Click the Product Data ----> Next ----> OK ----> Accept 

2.11 Click the Product Data ----> Next display seen confirmation report click OK and then click on accept.

2.12  Click on visualisation and Start the software is ready to accept the sample. 

2.13 Pass the item through Cossicop detector (scanning head) and observe on screen.

2.14 If match pharma code the pharma code with reference code of the shown item is correct then it appears in good column, otherwise in bad column.  


Master Copy: Quality Assurance

Control Copy: Quality control

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