MITUTOYO Thickness Tester - Operation & Calibration

SOP on operation and calibration of Thickness Tester


To provide the procedure for operation and calibration of Thickness Tester. This instrument operating procedure also provides precautions to be taken and preliminary checks to be performed during operation.


Applicable to MITUTOYO Thickness Tester for the thickness testing of foils of Quality Control department.


IOP: Instrument operating procedure

cm: Centimeter

mm: Millimeter


Quality Control Chemists is responsible for the implementation of this Instrument Operating Procedures.


Manager Quality control is accountable for implementation and compliance of this Instrument Operating procedure.



1.1       Check and ensure that the instrument is clean, if not, clean with a soft cloth duster.

2.0         BASIC OPERATION:

2.1         Ensure zero on dial.  It may be set through adjustable dial and firm up the dial, using the screw.

2.2         Ensure that the platform of thickness tester is clean.

2.3         Lift the lever and place the sample piece of the Aluminium foil (Approx. 10 x 10 cm) on the platform and release the lever.

2.4         Read the inner dial in mm and outer dial in µm.   Record the reading in terms of millimeter by dividing the outer dial reading with 1000 and adding with the inner dial reading and note down in test data sheet.

For  Example:

The inner dial shows the needle between 0.2 and 0.4 – Read it as 0.2

The outer dial needle is at 90 after 100, which means 110.

The reading is 0.2 + (110/1000) or 0.2 + 0.110 = 0.310 mm


Calibration Frequency: Monthly

Calibrate the instrument by using the following standard thickness gauges i.e. 0.10, 0.20 and 0.40 mm respectively and note down the readings in test data sheet.

Acceptance Criteria: Observed reading should not vary by more than + 10µm [0.01mm].


Master Copy  : Quality Assurance

Control Copy : 10 : Quality control

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