1.0         Objective: The purpose of this STP is to ensure the compliance of quality of NON ABSROBANT COTTON ROLL.

2.0         Scope: To establish the standard testing procedure of NON ABSROBANT COTTON ROLL in Pharmaceuticals.

3.0         Procedure:

3.1 Description: Cotton Wool-Non Absorbent Cotton Roll.

3.2 Packaging: Package in rolls of not more than 500gm of continuous lap, with a light-weight paper running under the entire lap, the paper being of such width that it may be folded over the edges of the lap, the two together being tightly and evenly rolled, enclosed and sealed in a well-closed container.

3.3 Weight: Weight the cotton roll accurately and note the weight. The weight should be within specified limit.

3.4 Identification:

3.4.1    Treat with iodinated zinc chloride solution, the fibres become violet.

3.4.2     To 0.1gm add 10ml of zinc chloride solution, heat to 400 and allowed to stand for 2 and half hours, shaking occasionally: the fibres do not dissolve.

3.5 Acidity or Alkalinity: To 15gm add 150ml of water, macerate for 2 hours in a closed vessel, decant the liquid, carefully squeezing out the residue liquid with a glass rod and mix. To 25ml of this solution add 0.1ml of dilute phenolphthalein solution; to another 25ml add 0.05ml of methyl orange solution. Neither solution shows a pink colour.

3.6 Loss on Drying:

      Procedure: Keep L.O.D. bottle and stopper in the oven and maintain temp.      105°C for 30 minutes. Allow to cool the bottle in desiccator to room temperature and weigh accurately with stopper. Take the sample around 5 gm in the bottle and weigh accurately with stopper. Keep the same in oven at 105°C for constant weight without stopper. Take out the bottle put the stopper and allow to cool the bottle in desiccator to room temperature. Weigh the bottle again.





                   LOD %   = -------------- X 100



     A = Weight of the bottle and the sample with stopper before drying.

     B = Weight of empty bottle with stopper.

     C = Weight of the bottle and the sample with stopper after drying.

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