Human Anatomy and Physiology - D. Pharm First Year Important Question Answer


D. Pharm First Year Important Question Answer 


Question No. 01. Define the following terms (2 marks each)

(A) Arthrology (B) Myasthenia Gravis (C) Synovitis (D) Epiphysis (E) Histology (F) Anatomy & physiology (G) Cranial cavity (H) Mesentery

Question No. 02. Define the following terms (2 marks each)

(A) Appendicular skeleton (B) Osteocyte (C) Myology (D) Cardiac Output (E) Tachycardia (F) Bradycardia (G) Gynaecomastia (H) Osteoporosis

Question No. 03. Define the following terms (2 marks each)

(A) Rh factor (B) Tissue (C) Lymph (D) Tetanus (E) Menopause (F) Taxonomy (G) Cytology (H) Pathology

Question No. 04. Differentiate the following:-

(A) Tendon and Ligaments (B) Hyaline cartilages and Elastic Cartilages (C) Sympathetic nervous system and Parasympathetic nervous system (D) S.A. node and A.V. node (E) Arteries and Veins

Question No. 05 Describe the structure and functions of kidney and nephron. Discuss in detail the physiology of urine formation.

Question No. 06. Describe structure of heart with the help of neat and clean diagram. Explain various types of cardiovascular disorders.

Question No. 07. Describe eye with the help of neat and clean diagram with functions of different parts. Discuss various visual disorders.

Question No. 08.Write a short note on the following:

(A) Define blood and give its component. Describe the various functions of Blood. (B) Define coagulation of blood. Write down the steps and factors involved in blood clotting. (C) Give short note on Anemia. (D) Define blood pressure and pulse and give its normal range. Describe the method of recording of blood pressure.

Question No. 09 Write a short note on the following: (A) Classify joints. Explain synovial joint in detail. (B) Describe various disorders of joints. (C) Functions of skeleton system.

Question No. 10 Write a short note on the following: (A) Reflex action or reflex arc with examples. (B) Physiology of muscle contraction.

Question No. 11. Write a short note on (A) Menstrual cycle (B) Functions of uterus

Question No. 12. Write down the names and functions of hormones secreted from:

(A) Anterior lobe of pituitary gland (B) Thyroid gland (C) Pancreas gland  (D) Pineal gland

Question No. 13. Write note on the followings:

(A) Physiology of respiration, (B) Functions of Liver. (C) Enumerate different types of tissues with detail note on epithelial tissue. (D) Digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Question No. 14. (A) Give a short note on Male reproductive organ system. (B) Give a short note on Female reproductive organ system.

Question No. 15. Draw a well labeled diagram of a typical cell and enumerate its various components.

Question No. 16. Name the parts of conduction system of heart.

Question No. 17. Name the smallest functional unit of human excretory system.

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