PHARMACEUTICS – I - D. Pharmacy First Year Important Question Answer


D. Pharmacy First Year Important Question Answer


Question 01: Define sterilization. Discuss briefly various methods of sterilization. Differentiate between dry and moist heat Sterilization.

Question 02: What should be characteristics of material for containers? Discuss glass & plastics containers in detail for packaging of pharmaceutical preparations with merits and demerits.

Question 03: Enumerate the various factors affecting size reduction. What is need or importance of size reduction? Discuss ball mill and fluid energy mill in detail.

Question 04: a) Explain the evaluation of tablets. (b)  What is significance of adding binding agent to powder mixture in manufacturing of tablets? Give examples of binder

Question 05: Define aerosols and discuss about their packaging. Give advantages and disadvantages of aerosols.

Question 06: Write a short note on the following: (a) Aseptic technique (b) Lavigation and Elutriation (c) Isotonic solution (d) Freeze drying Question

Question 07: Write short a note on: (a) Grades of powder as per I.P (b) Sieving/Sifting (c) Filter aids (d) Cyclone separator (e) Steam distillation

Question 08: Discuss any four (a) Pasteurization (b) Maceration process (c) Difference between sterilization and disinfection (d) Sintered glass filters (e) Colloid mill (f) Tray dryer

Question 09: Write the difference between hard and soft gelatin capsule. Discuss with the help of neat and well labeled diagram the filling of hard and soft gelatin capsule.

Question 10: (a) Define filtration. Discuss filter press in detail. (b) Define extraction. What is percolation? Explain its method with advantages and disadvantages.

Question 11: (a) Define immunity. Explain B.C.G and D.P.T vaccine. (b) What is Pharmacopoeia? Explain Indian Pharmacopoeia and British Pharmacopoeia in detail.

Question 12: Define the following terms: (a) Linctuses (b) New drug delivery system (c) Emulsions (d) Suspension (e) Tablets (f) Syrups (g) Elixirs.

Question 13: Differentiate the following terms:- (a) Organized/Unorganized drugs  (b)  Purified  water  I.P.  and  Water  for  injection  I.P  (c)  Liniments  and Lotions (d) Mouth washes and Gargles (e) Sera/vaccines & Toxoids (f) Active and Passive Immunity (g) Wet granulation and Dry granulation (h) Evaporation and Drying (i) Infusion and Decoction

Question 14: Define the given terms: (a) Antigen (b) Phagocytosis (c) Enteric coating (d) Satvas (e) Bhasam (f) Sieve number

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