Sales Promotion

Sales Promotion


Sales are activities related to selling or the number of goods or services sold in a given time period. The term sales management referred to the direction of sales force personnel.

It deals with different transaction in terms of selling and purchasing of goods and services.

Sales Promotion:

Sales Promotion is very important component of the marketing, especially the promotion mix. It acts like an instant stimulants for prospective buyers.

Sales Promotion helps in increasing sales for short term period. However it is not helpful enough to generate long term customer loyalty. It is designed for potential customers for distribution channels and also for sales force of the organisation.

Objectives of sales Promotion:-

1. To develop loyalty towards the pharmaceutical firm.

2. To improve the image of the pharmaceutical firm.

3. To stimulate the physicians and doctors to try the pharmaceutical products by the use of samples.

4. To encourage the dispensing doctors to repeatedly use the product provided they are given the same offers.

5. To provide offers related to trade to the nursing homes and dispensing doctors.

Market Research:

    The process of market research involves collecting and analysing of data regarding the business environment, the market competition as well as the market to be targeted.

    It is a systematic process used by the pharmacists to become familiar with the above three aspects.

Objectives of Market Research:-

     To find out the actual needs and wants of the customers.

    To recommend adequate modifications and alterations in the products so that the demands of the market can be met.

    To ascertain the various threats and opportunities present in the pharmaceutical firm's external environment.

    To get to know the costomers reactions regarding the current and new products launched by the Pharma firm in the market.


It may be defined as persuading people to satisfy the want of first one. The person who does this act is called as the salesman.


     The art selling products to customers in return for a montary amount is known as Salesmanship.

     It may also be regarded as the skill to influence the people to purchase certain things.

     It acts as a personal link between the pharmacist and the customer.


A promotional tool, which stimulants the prospective customers to take our continue a particular decision with the help of a commercial offering is known as Advertising.

Windows Display:-

When items are presented and displayed in the store's windows it is referred to as window display or exterior display.

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