Therapeutic incompatibility - PHARMACEUTICS II (Dispensing Pharmacy) D. Pharm 2nd year PDF Notes


Therapeutic incompatibility

q  Therapeutic Incompatibility may be a result of prescribing certain drugs to a patient with the intention to produce a specific degree of pharmacological action but the nature or intensity of the action produced is different from that intended by the prescriber.

q  This occurs due to the following reasons:-

q  Error in dosage

q  Wrong drug or dosage form

q  Contra-indicated drugs

q  Synergistic and antagonistic drugs

q  Drug interactions

q  Prescribing drugs with wrong direction.

Error in dosage

q  Many therapeutic incompatibilities result from errors in writing or interpreting the prescription order.

q  The most serious type of dosage error in the dispensing is overdose of the medication.

q  It becomes the duty of the pharmacist to check the prescription before dispensing.

q  Pharmacist is often in the position to detect such errors and help to avoid such problems.

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