Filter leaf - Pharmaceutical Engineering B. Pharm Third Semester PDF Notes

Filter leaf


• It is an apparatus consisting of a longitudinal drainage screen covered with a filter cloth

• The mechanism is surface filtration and acts as sieve or strainer

• Vacuum or pressure can be applied to increase the rate of filtration


• The leaf filter is consisting of a frame enclosing a drainage screen or grooved plate

• The frame may be any shape circular, square or rectangular

• The whole unite being covered with filter cloth

• The outlet for the filtrate connects to the inside of the frame through suction   

Filter leaf Diagram


Working and uses


Use  for  the  filtration  of  slurry  which do  not  contain  high  solid  content,  about  5%,  i.e. dilute suspensions


• Simplest form of filter used for batch process

• A number of units can be connected in parallel to increase the surface area of filtration

• Pressure  difference  can  be  obtained  either  with  vacuum  or  using  pressure  up  to  the  order  of  800 kilopascals

• Labour costs for operating the filter leaf are fairly moderate

• The efficiency of washing is high

• The slurry can be filtered from any vessel

• The cake can be washed simply by immersing the filter in a vessel of Water

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