Ultrasonic Emulsifiers – Rapisonic homogenize - Pharmaceutical Engineering B. Pharm Third Semester PDF Notes

Ultrasonic Emulsifiers – Rapisonic homogenizer


• When a liquid is subjected to ultrasonic vibrations alternate regions of compression and rarefaction (reduction in the density) are produced in the liquid

• Cavities are formed in the regions of rarefaction which subsequently collapse in the regions of compression.

Which results great forces for emulsification


• It consists of a pump driven by a motor. It is connected to inlet tube and an out let tube.

• Head consists of a flat jet for liquid inlet. Facing the jet, a thin blade is present which vibrates at its natural frequency.


• Can be used for batch process (by placing it in a tank) or for continuous process (by placing it in a pipeline)

• It has the capacity to produce dispersed globules of one micron size

• As this method is highly efficient to decrease globule size, reduced concentration of emulgents is sufficient

• Its capacity of mixing liquids ranges from 20 - 500 liters per minute

• It is suitable for thermolabile substances since heat is not generated during mixing


• It is useful only for low viscous liquids

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