Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 2 Lab Manual - B. Pharma 3rd Semester

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry 2 Lab Manual 
B. Pharma 3rd Semester 

Suggested Experiments:

1. Preparation of phenyl-azo-b-napththol 

2. Preparation of dibenzal acetone 

3. Preparation of cinnamic acid 

4. Preaparation of benzil 

5. Preparatipon of p-bromoacetanilide 

6. Preaparation of salicylic acid 

7. Determination of iodine value 

8. Determination of acid value  

9. Determination of saponification value 

10. Preparation of phenyl benzoate

11. Preparation of m-dinitrobenzene 

12. Preparation of benzyl alcohol

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