SALE OF DRUGS - Drugs and Cosmetic Act


  • Classes of drugs prohibited to be sold
  • Wholesale of biological (C/C1)
  • Wholesale of other than those specified in C/C1 and X

Class of drug prohibited to sale

       Misbranded, spurious, adulterated and drugs not of standard quality

       Patent/Proprietary drugs with undisclosed formula

       Sch-J drugs

       Expired drugs.

       Drugs used for consumption by government schemes such as, Armed force.

       Physician’s samples

Wholesale of biological (C/C1)

·         Adequate premises, with greater than 10 M2 area, with proper storage facility

·         Drugs sold only to retailer having license

·         Premises should be in charge of competent person who is Reg. Pharmacist.

·         Records of purchase & sale

·         Records preserved for 3 years from date of sale

·         License should be displayed on premises

·         All the conditions as discussed in for biological.

·         Compounding is made by or under the direct and personal supervision of a qualified person.

Retail Sale

For retail sale, two types of licenses are issued:

                                i) General licenses

                                ii) Restricted licenses

Restricted license:

Granted to those dealers who do not engage the services of a qualified person and only deal with such classes of drugs whose sales can be effected without qualified person and vendors who do not have fixed premises

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