Applications of Instrumental methods in Pharmaceutical Analysis - Instrumental Methods of Analysis B. Pharma 7th Semester

Applications of Instrumental methods in Pharmaceutical Analysis


After this session, students will be able to

       Enlist the applications of Instrumental methods in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Applications in Pharmaceutical Industry

       To estimate the amount of drug in raw material to estimate its purity

       To estimate the active pharmaceutical ingredients in formulation

       To estimate individual components in formulations in presence of other ingredients

       To identify molecules in research and development

Modern Applications of Instrumental Methods of Analysis

       Genomics - DNA sequencing and its related research. Genetic fingerprinting and DNA microarray are important tools and research fields.

       Proteomics - the analysis of protein concentrations and modifications

       Metabolomics - similar to proteomics, but dealing with metabolites.

       Transcriptomics - mRNA and its associated field

       Lipidomics - lipids and its associated field

       Peptidomics - peptides and its associated field

       Metalomics - similar to proteomics and metabolomics, but dealing with metal concentrations binding to proteins and other molecules.

Applications in Pharmacy practice

       To identify individual variation in dosage by bioavailability studies

       To estimate the extent of Absorption

       To estimate the extent of availability of the drug at the desired site of action

       To estimate the extent of metabolism

       To estimate the rate of elimination

       To check the quality of incoming products in hospital supplies

       To identify medication errors


       Instrumental Methods of Analysis find place in every aspect of Pharmaceutical production and product development which involves clinical studies and also in routine clinical usage to monitor patient’s response to treatment

       Good Laboratory Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices are to be adopted for high quality of medicines

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