Definition of Gutika

       Method of preparation of Gutika

       Characteristics of Gutika

       Standardization of Gutika


At the end of this lecture, student will be able to

       Define gutika

       Explain the method of preparation of Gutika


Gutika or pill is defined as the medicine prepared in the form of tablets or pills.

These are made up of one or more drugs of plant and mineral origin


Ø    Plant, mineral drugs

Ø   Suganda dravya

Ø   Jaggery/ sugar                                                                     

Method of preparation:

Ø   Herbal drugs are dried and powdered separately

Ø   In case of minerals drugs made in to bhasmas

Ø   if the formula contains gandhaka, then kijjali is prepared first and later remaining drugs are added one by one according to the formula

Ø   Drugs are made into paste in kalva with prescribed liquids, in case more than one liquid add in succession

Ø  Sugandha dravyas like kasturi, karpura are added when tha mass attains the suitable state for molding into pills, then it is ground again

Ø   Final stage is the one where the mass is non sticky to the fingers when rolled and punch the tablets

Ø  Finally the pills are dried in shade or sun

Ø  If sugar/Jaggery is prescribed, paka is prepared on mild fire, powdered drugs are added to this paka and mixed briskly


Ø  Should not loose colour, taste, odour and form


Pills of plant origin in air tight containers can be used for 2-3 years

Those of mineral origin can be used indefinately

Pills with salt /Ksara should be kept away from moisture



Astakshari Gutika


Bilvadi Gutika

Jvara, Ajeerna

Lavangodi Gutika



Standardization of Gutika

Determination of

Ø  Uniformity of weight

Ø  Hardness

Ø  Disintegration time

Ø  Ash value

Ø  Moisture content                                                                       

Uniformity of weight:

Ø  Twenty pills are selected randomly and weighed individually

Ø  Average weight of each pill is determined

Ø  Highest wt, lowest wt and average wt of each group of pills are calculated


Ø  Place a pill in a hardness tester and rotate the knob to fix the pill in it

Ø  Adjusted the scale to zero

Ø  After the setting, pressure is increased  by further rotating the knob

Ø  When pill is broke down the hardness is recorded as indicated in scale

Ø  Ten pills of each group are tested and calculated the average hardness of each pill

Disintegration time:

Ø   Take 6 pills in the disintegration apparatus

Ø   Adjust the apparatus in such a way that the complete up and down movement of both the tubes in a beaker containing distilled water was repeated for 30times per minute

Ø  When the particles remain above the screen, which is readily passed through it was recorded as the disintegration time

Ash value:

Ø   A porcelain crucible is weighed

Ø   2 gm of sample is taken in the weighed crucible

Ø   Placed in an electric furnace/incinerator and gradually increase the temperature up to 7000 C until the sample become carbon free

Ø   Cooled and weighed

Moisture content: Loss on drying

Ø   Take 1 gm of sample in pre-weighed watch glass

Ø   Dry in an electric oven at 1100 C  to a constant weight

Ø  Note down the weight at 30 min intervals

Ø   Continue the process till the difference between two consecutive weights is not more than 5 mg


Ø  Gutika – Pills

Ø  Plant or mineral drugs

Ø   Suganda dravya

Ø   Standardization: Uniformity of weight, Hardness, Disintegration time,  ash value, moisture content                        


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