Pharmacy Books PDF Free Download

 Pharmacy Books PDF Free Download



Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry A Clinical Approach - a clinical approach (2004)

Biochemistry Satyanarayana Chakrapani

Harper's Biochemistry 26th edition

Lehninger Biochemistry 4e 2005 Acrobat 60

Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 4th Ed

Lippincotts Biochemistry 6th Edition (2014)

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology



Biochemistry (Berg, Tymoczkao, Stryer 5th Edn)

Biopharmaceuticals - Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Walsh, Wiley, 2e, 2003)

Glossary of Biotechnology Terms

Harper's Biochemistry 26th edition

Microbial Physiology, 4th Edition (A[1]. G. Moat, J. W. Foster & M. P. Spector)

Molecular Cell Biology Lodish 5Ed

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology  

Srivastava_Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Markers

Genetics - Analysis of Genes & Genomes


Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics

MCQs in Clinical Pharmacy

Milan European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Oxford American handbook of clinical pharmacy

oxford handbook of clinical pharmacy


Community Pharmacy

Communication Skills in Pharmacy Practice 5th Ed

Community Pharmacy Handbook Jon Waterfield


Human Anatomy and Physiology

Campbell Biology - 10th Edition (2013)

Clinical Anatomy 11ed

Color Atlas of Physiology

Essentials of Human Physiology

Memmler's The Human Body In Health And Disease

Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology

The Massage connection - ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY

Grays anatomy

Guyton medical physiology 11 th edition

Human Biology_ Concepts and Current Issues, Global Edition-Pearson Michael D. Johnson (2016)

Human Biology

Ross and Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness

Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology 5th edition


Industrial Pharmacy

Industrial Pharmacy -1



Pharmaceuticals Jurisprudence

Drug and Cosmetic Act


Medicinal Chemistry

Ashutoshkar Medichem

Oxford Pharmaceutical chemistry

Nadendlan R. R. Medicine Chemistry

An Introduction To Medicinal Chemistry, G.L. Patrick, 1st Edition

BURGER Medicinal Chemistry VOL 3

Chemistry for Pharmacy Students

Foye's Principles of Medicinal Chemistry, T.M. Lemke et al., 6th Edition

Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry, Gareth

Synthesis of Essential Drugs

Wilson Gisvold's Textbook of Organic Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 11th ed 2




Vitamins and Minerals

Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals and supplements

Handbook of Nutraceuticals for Clinical Use

Introduction to Nutraceuticals

Nutraceutical Formulation and Challenges

Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods in Human Health and Disease Prevention

Developing New Functional Food and Nutraceutical Products

Vitamins and Hormones


Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry

Chemistry for pharmacy students general organic and natural product chemistry

Finar-Organic Chemistry Vol 1

Finar-Organic Chemistry Vol 2

Essentials of Organic Chemistry_ For Students of Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Phsical Science, Olivier



Diagnostic Pathology of Infectious Disease

Harsh Mohan - Textbook of Pathology, 6th Edition

Pathophysiology of Disease


Pharmaceutical Analysis

Handbook of Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis

Pavia Introduction to Spectroscopy

Pharmaceutical drug analysis by Ashutosh Kar

Vogel Textbook of Quantitative chemical analysis

Spectrometric identification of organic compounds

David Harvey - Modern Analytical Chemistry

Foye's principles of medicinal chemistry


Pharmaceutical chemistry

Analytical Profiles of Drug Substances ed 14


Essentials of Inorganic Chemistry



Handbook of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulation – Compressed Solid Product

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulations Semisolids Products

Pharmaceutical Dosage Form tablets, Vol 2

Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms Tablets, Vol.3

Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Parenteral Medication

Oral Solid dosage form

Ansel's Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems

Developing Solid Oral Dosage Forms Pharmaceutical Theory & Practice

Biopharmaceuticals  Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Walsh, Wiley, 2e, 2003)

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics--A Treatise

Engineers Guide to Pharmaceuticals Production


FASTtrack Pharmaceutics - Dosage Form and Design

Generic drug formulation

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients 6th Ed.(2009) - (Malestrom)

Handbook of Preformulation - Chemical, Biological, and Botanical Drugs

Alton’s Pharmaceutics : The Design and Manufacturing of Medicines

Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery, Third Edition

Pharmaceutical Preformulation and Formulation_ A Practical Guide from Candidate Drug Selection to Commercial Dosage Form, Second Edition

Pharmaceutical statistics Bolton 5Ed

Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology

The Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy  Lachman and Lieberman (3rd Editn)



Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry - 2

Barnes - Herbal Medicines

Dewick Medicinal Natural Product

Evaluation of Herbal Medicinal Products by Pulok Mukherjee

Indian Medicinal Plants - An Illustrated Dictionary

Pharmacognosy and Pharmacobiotechnology Ashutosh Kar

Trease and Evans' Pharmacognosy-16 Edn

Pharmacodynamic Basis of Herbal Medicine



Applied Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics-by-Leon Shargel

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics_by Brahmankar & Sunil Jaiswal

Clinical Pharmacokinetic Pharmacy Handbook



Modern Pharmacology With Clinical Applications

AMC Anthology of Medical Conditions

Basic & Clinical Pharmacology, B.G. Katzung, 12th Edition.

Pharmacological Classification of Drugs

Color Atlas of Pharmacology

Essentials of Medical Pharmacology - K.D. Tripathi

Goodman & Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, L.L. Bruton et al., 12th Edition

handbook of experimental pharmacology

Handbook of Prescription Drugs

Netter's Illustrated Pharmacology, R.B. Raffa et al., Updated Edition

Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics by Satoskar, Nirmala N. Rege and Bhandarkar

Pharmacology for the Health Care Professions

Rang & Dale-Pharmacology-7 Edn

Understanding Pharmacology

WW's Foundations in Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacology 2



Ayurvadic pharmacopoeia

British pharmacopoeia

Indian Pharmacopoeia

Japnies pharmacopoeia

National Formulary


Pharmacy Exam Guide

Fasttrack pharma series

Comprehensive Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX

Comprehensive.Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX Practice Exams Cases and Test Prep.8th Ed

NEET UG, Book (guide), Volume II

Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Review Delmar's

Piyush GPAT Cracker

The Pearson Guide to GPAT


Pharmacy Practical

Practical Pharmaceutical Analytical Techniques

Practical Pharmacy for Pharmacists and physicians


Pharmacy Technician

Lecture Notes in Pharmacy Practice

Math for Pharmacy Technicians - L. Zentz

Pharmaceutical Calculations 13th Edition

Pharmacy Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians


Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy Management Essentials for All Practice Settings


Physical Pharmacy

Martins Physical Pharmacy 6th-ed

Physical Pharmacy Fastrack


Quality Assurance

Food safety & standards ragulations 2011

IS Stranded





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